Lola (lolathelumbajak) wrote in discuss_design,

Help please?

Hi! I'm new and I need help.
I know a bit about HTML, but absoloutley nothing about CSS. I've copy pasted my layout for my neopets lookup from a graphics site, but for some reason all the text is coming up black, instead of white like it does in the preview of the layout. Does anyone know how to change it to white? I've copy pasted the code for my entire user look up behind the cut so I don't mess up your friends pages =)

Thanks in advance for your help=)

EDIT: Well, that failed horribly. Ok, here's a link to where I got the code from.(sorry, I'm not trying to pimp the site or anything) There's already a mistake in there, one extra bracket on the fourth line down where it says fixed}i.solookup} should be fixed}i.solookup So back to the original question, how do I make all the text white? =)

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