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Open Call: Creative Minds

We're looking for a few good right hemispheres.

Artsy brains, that is. We need copywriters, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, flash animators, and SEO/SEM experts to contribute to Cambrian House products. As a contributor, you get Royalty Points and share in the success of what you helped create! The best part? You choose what you create and get paid. Enhance and promote the products you think will soar. At Cambrian House you get to work on what you love. Pick the product. Work as much as you want.

Want more details?

About Us: The Cambrian House Mission Statement
Cambrian House's mission is to discover and commercialize software ideas through the wisdom and participation of crowds. Contributors earn royalties, sharing in the success of the products.

How It Works
You think it
Most aspiring entrepreneurs and armchair innovators have more ideas than resources. Why let the fruits of your genius languish on the vine? They're yours to grow. Put them in play. Got one just waiting to burst out? Submit it now!

Crowds test it
But don't buy that Mercedes just yet. Before we greenlight production, your freshly baked ideas run the consumer gauntlet. Flourish or flounder? The market decides. Take a peek at the process: vote on Idea Warz!

Crowds build it
So the people have spoken, and they love your idea. With the help of the worldwide development community, we turn it into reality. Contributors can take their pick of exciting projects, and in return, they get a piece of the royalty pie. Want your piece? Join our community now and get a head start!

We sell it
Show time! YourIdea 1.0 hits the virtual shelves with all the marketing power of Cambrian House behind it and with a little help from Chameleon. Every contributor – including you – has a vested interest in helping the product shine, because every contributor benefits from its success.

You profit
When we say "every contributor benefits," we don't mean warm and fuzzy feelings. We mean real money. When you collaborate with Cambrian House, you get Royalty Points. That means as long as the product generates profit, so will you!

What are you waiting for?
Submit Ideas, Submit Code and Submit Creative Content!
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